Think about it:

Your child's success will not be measured in GPAs and AP scores. It will be measured in units of entrepreneurial spirit. And ounces of adaptability. And meters of changemaking prowess.

Westtown will help your children succeed here at school and later at a top college. More than that, though, we’ll shape their vision of what’s possible for them and their world.

Westtown is in the business of producing changemakers. It has been for more than 200 years. We’re a Quaker school after all, and if you know anything about Quakers, you know that Quakers act. They demand change. They seek justice. They find ways to live lives of success and meaning.


Westtown brings that legacy into today’s world in three key ways:

  1. The Action-Based Education
  2. The Global Leadership Initiative
  3. The Westtown Clock

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